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Information Technology

  • Application Developer
  • .Net Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Web Service Developer
  • Business System Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • UI Developer
  • QA/Testing Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • IT Manager


We specialize in all levels of IT

Opulence Staffing focus on all kinds of IT recruitment in various industries. Our team of administrators and other technical staffers deploy and manage the company's IT infrastructure and assets. IT teams depend on a wide range of specialized information and technology skills and knowledge to support equipment, applications and activities. Employers with available information technology jobs have a high demand for qualified employees. Opulence Staffing can assist in connecting you with rewarding IT jobs that match your qualifications and experience, leading to an exciting career in the world of technology.

Information Technology

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The information technology profession is extremely diverse: IT workers can specialize in fields like software development, application management, hardware - desktop support, server or storage administrator and network architecture. Many businesses seek IT professionals with mixed or overlapping skill sets.